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Quotes Trivia! Is Shanahan Talking About Beck, RG3, Grossman, or McNabb?

Name that Tune.
Name that Tune.

Redskins minicamp kicks off today and for the first time in forever there's no QB controversy. Robert Griffin III was throwing some balls for his media shoot yesterday (photos!!!), and he's been working with the playbook essentially since the millisecond he let go of Roger Goodell's handshake at Radio City Music Hall. To honor these QB-free drama times, I've compiled four quotes from the past regarding Mike Shanahan's optimism for his QB...can you guess which one belongs to who? Options are: McNabb, RG3, Beck, and Grossman.

1.) "Asked about [XXXXXXX]'s strengths, Shanahan said: "Number one, you've got to love the game, you've got to have passion, you've got to have a mindset and what I'm looking for is a guy that's first to work, last to leave. You've got to be able to run this offense at a very high level. He can do some things with his legs that a lot of quarterbacks can't do.

2.) "I think [XXXXX's] got a chance to go to the Pro Bowl and do the things [he's] been doing throughout [his] career...I think [XXXXX] has a great future ahead of him - if he decides to do the little things that he needs to do to get to the next level."

3.) He's got everything I want in a quarterback and a person. I've always enjoyed an offense where you can move a quarterback around, with the exceptional speed that he has, it just doesn't normally happen. And to be able to drop back, and throw as well on the move, that just doesn't normally happen.

4.) "You try to evaluate people from how they perform with me, not how they've done in the past or the rumors that I hear," Shanahan said. "He's done a good job since he's been here."

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