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Indecent Proposal: Redskins Armchair GM

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So I was a little slow to the party on this series (Parks, don't...), but better late than never I suppose. Just a reminder to those who had forgotten or are unfamiliar with these posts; Ken emailed us all on Sunday asking us to come up with ridiculous trade ideas that wont ever happen, for the sake of discussion (so please don't overreact to them). So far, the writers have suggested trading Brian Orakpo, Santana Moss, Fred Davis and Lorenzo Alexander.

For me, one of the Redskins deepest positions is linebacker. I liked the Brian Orakpo trade idea because he probably holds the most trade value of any Redskin on the roster, and we could use that to replenish some of what we lost in the Robert Griffin III trade. But I think his development as a pass-rusher next to Ryan Kerrigan is too important to let go. I also liked the thought of trading Alexander. With such a crowd at linebacker, someone is going to miss out, and Lorenzo's versatility could increase his trade value. But I just feel that you wouldn't get enough back in a trade for him to justify losing that versatility and special teams ability that he offers.

So I stuck with linebacker, and kind of went in between those two suggestions. I think Perry Riley offers just the right amount of young potential to earn us a high draft pick to help cushion the blow of the RGIII trade, while still being replaceable to an extent.

Riley has spent a few years learning behind Fletcher, and won the starting job next to London during the middle of last season. He took his opportunity and preformed well, making his fair share of plays even with the ever-present London Fletcher next to him. At 24 years old, he has plenty of time to develop into a top linebacker. This could be the highest his trade value would ever be, because if he plays well this year, we probably won't consider trading him again. Think about it, a talent three year veteran who's spent all his NFL career learning off a great like Fletcher, but still only 24, that has to be appealing to some teams out there.

A team like the Ravens, or Steelers could use with some youth at inside linebacker. Riley would provide that and could be worth potentially as much as a second round pick to those teams (who typically will be picking late in the round, making it near a third rounder).

Meanwhile, the Redskins have multiple options to fill his spot. Veterans like Johnathan Goff and Bryan Kehl could battle for Riley's spot, while fourth round pick Keenan Robinson can learn behind them and be groomed to eventually take over. Besides, with the NFL becoming more of a passing orientated league, Riley would only see so many snaps. With more and more three/four receiver sets, defenses are forced into nickel packages. Fletcher, Kerrigan and Orakpo certainly aren't coming off the field to be replaced by an extra defensive back, leaving Riley the odd man out.

There's my proposal, now have at it in the comments and tear it apart.