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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays--Thursday Edition

1. Kevin will--perhaps rightfully--suggest that putting out a Monday post on Thursday is technically cheating, but I like to think the consecutive weeks streak remains intact with this week's late edition/addition. Between the podcast, our Indecent Proposal series and Unexpected Pro Bowler series, and the critically acclaimed Daily Slop column that Phil knocks out of the park every day, we are squeezing out as much legitimate content as we can during these painfully slow times. Time for some illegitimate content I suppose.

2. Last year, I made a HUGE error when I discussed the plot of the most recent Game of Thrones episode in a Monday morning Sixpack post. It was nice to realize how many people actually read this, but very upsetting to know that I had ruined a great episode for so many. I can't imagine that anyone hasn't seen the most recent airing yet, but I have zero intention of discussing plot in this space...yet. (Holy crap, that show is awesome.) My question to those of you who have not read the books: Does the show make you want to read the books? My question to those of you who have read the books: Does the show live up to what you have read? I have not read the books and I am dying to pick them up, but I kind of want to avoid ruining the surprise each show brings. Ironic, I know--I am worried the book will act as spoiler for the show based on the book. Even more ironic is the fact that I acted as a spoiler. SPOILER ALERT: Kevin is a spitting image of Joffrey.

3. The mystery surrounding which team will be featured on Hard Knocks has been solved. If an overwhelming lack of interest from the majority of NFL teams wasn't enough to bury this show, wait until they try and make Davone Bess and Matt Moore into compelling, central characters. Will I be watching? Of course I will, but I am a junkie and will no doubt be trying to explain to my wife at some point why Kim Kardashian's ex-boyfriend is in for a banner year. It sucks for HBO to have to go from the Starks, Lannisters, dragons and breasts to...the Miami Dolphins.

4. It was only a matter of time before folks around the NFL glommed on to the notion that Hard Knocks is nothing more than giving the rest of the league a window into all your inner workings during the summer. While I am not a full-fledged conspiracy theorist, I am just waiting for the NFL Network to start an identical program that teams will line up to participate in...perhaps the title will be Knard Hocks. HBO really does a great job with this theme, and it could easily be the longest-running show in 50 years IF franchise personnel prove capable of not taking themselves increasingly seriously. So...the show is on borrowed time. That is a crying shame.

5. Is it just me, or has Roger Goodell completed his metamorphosis from "guy I'd like to have a beer with" to "guy I'd like to dump a beer on?" Don't get me wrong--"The Roger" has been busy taking care of very important business and is ostensibly tackling some very crucial issues to the game but, at the end of the day, he represents the rich guys. Not just rich...crazy-rich. Think about this--he is so powerful (or perhaps empowered), he is likely going to get away with collusion! He has been instrumental in orchestrating a scenario where a bunch or uber-wealthy individuals are literally going to get away with a VERY serious crime alleged crime. I applaud Goodell's efforts to make safety a priority, even though his actions are primarily designed to thwart current and future claims against the league's alleged negligence. This kind of stuff is right out of "The Godfather"...perhaps I should be careful what I say. Maybe I am just sour because Joffrey and his family...NO, I am NOT going to do it. I have set Roger Goodell's Douche Rating to somewhere between Donald Trump and Barry Bonds. This is not good territory.

6. On our podcast last week, Kevin and I argued about who teams would rather trade for: Kellen Winslow or Chris Cooley. All facets of the debate are fair game: salary cap implications, injury history, "Warrior" status, past performance, etc. I kind of cut through a lot of that and determined that I would absolutely take Cooley over Winslow. I was somewhat alone. Am I just being too biased on this?