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Redskins Month of May Story Lines Last Several Years

The Redskins have always had a flare for the drama, so it's quite refreshing that our team has had a quiet 2012 so far. The ESPN trucks are all thankfully all parked at Florham Park. Just to put some perspective on that, here were the Redskins headlines for the month of May the last several years. Cue the "As the World Turns" theme music on now:


Report: McNabb & Shanahan Spat Over Wearing Wristband
Ah right...McNabb hasn't been traded yet...seems like decades ago.

What Should the Skins do with Fat Al?
Parks laid out three options...quite amazing that 43% of the votes was "Keep Him." I also had some photoshop fun with Albert.

4 Reasons the John Beck Quarterback Experiment Could Work
Although I was grasping here, we all pretty much knew this would fail and had fun creating NY Post headlines for the games he'd play.

Personnel Moves I'd Make When The Lockout Is Lifted: Sign CB Josh Wilson
Props to Steve Shoup on this one!

Shanahan high on John Beck - The Insider
After passing on a quarterback in this year’s draft, Mike Shanahan says he has "a game plan" at quarterback.

Dexter Manley: Skins should not have signed McNabb - WaPost
"When Donovan came here, I wasn’t so sure that was the right choice, because he was already 33 turning 34 and I looked at his turnover speed and how he moved; he didn’t have that fluid movement,"


Daily Slop: Haynesworth Vows He Wrapped it Up
Paternity suit filed by a stripper against Haynesworth. YAY!

Andre Carter Explains Why He'll Thrive in Haslett's 3-4
Andre Carter optimistic he can thrive as OLB in Haslett's 3-4 scheme, mainly since it's so different than the one he struggled with in San Fran.

Redskins WR Santana Moss Fingered as HGH Guilty Party
Ah yes, this story. It dominated the Skins for two weeks since there was so little information coming out. The NFL is still nowhere close to getting a HGH system in place by the way....and it's been 10 months since CBA was resolved.

Snide Debate: Will Redskins' Joey Galloway Have 30 Catches this Season?
YES!! Our WRs were so bad it warranted a discussion if Galloway could thrive (a guy who couldn't with Tom Brady).

Redskins Insider - Can Haynesworth redeem himself with Redskins?
He just keeps on giving. He's crossed Coach Mike Shanahan with his absence from voluntary workouts and now his teammates aren't thrilled with his work ethic, either.

Redskins Insider - McNabb hopes to improve on postseason record with Redskins


Devin Thomas: My Hamstring is 100% - Hogs Haven
That time where Redskins fans were still holding on to that 1% chance DT would turn into that WR we needed him to be.

Personal Lawsuit Filed Against Redskins' Albert Haynesworth - Hogs Haven
A lawsuit was filed May 1st against Albert Haynesworth by Jon Perry, the lawyer representing Corey Edmondson. Corey was left disabled as a result of the accident caused by Albert last December.

Redskins Insider - A Tampering Primer
With the NFL investigating whether the Redskins violated anti-tampering rules during their courtship of free agent defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

Redskins Insider - Campbell Optimistic on Growth of Thomas, Kelly


An exclusive sneak peak at the Jim Zorn's playbook - Hogs Haven
Ah yes, QBs sliding on slip n slides.

Redskins Insider - Redskins Trade for Erasmus James
The Redskins have traded a conditional seventh-round pick in the 2009 draft to Minnesota for defensive end Erasmus James. (Not sure why but there were a lot of posts on James. James played in 5 games, started 0, and accumulated no stats.)