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Redskins Interested in Brian Banks

Some of you may remember the story of Brian Banks. Banks was a star high school linebacker at Long Beach Polytechnic High and garnered offers from Southern Cal, Ohio State, and several others. He was set to join Pete Carroll and Trojans but was accused of raping another coed at his high school in 2002. A DNA case came back negative and there was virtually no evidence but Banks' lawyer advised her client to take a plea bargain because in Banks' words "She told me I was a big black teenager, and no jury would believe anything I said.". Banks accuser also sued the school district and collected a $1.5 million dollar settlement.

Banks has spent five years in jail and another five on probation but was exonerated by a judge last week. He's struggled to find work because of his probation and being a registered sex offender. Since being exonerated Banks has hired Justin Brooks as his agent, Brooks commented on Banks recently:

"He has the speed and the strength. He certainly has the heart, I hope he gets the attention of people in the sports world."

Banks already has one try-out already set up, with guess who? The Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll. The Redskins, Chiefs, and Dolphins have also offered a tryout to the former high school star.