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Don't Call It A Comeback: Unexpected Pro Bowler

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So far this series may have come up with some surprises. Ken went into a monologue that listed half the roster before landing on Leonard Hankerson as a surprising Pro Bowler and Steve went with Graham Gano. After some thought that briefly had me writing about how Jammal Brown's yoga would get him to Honolulu and how Stephen Bowen can get double-digit sack totals to represent the NFC, I've landed on one player that I think could be a true surprise to represent the Skins in the Pacific next year.

Like Steve I've gone the special teams route and selected Brandon Banks as my surprise Pro Bowl candidate. I clearly haven't been the strongest proponent of Banks, nor do I think he warrants a roster spot, but if the little guy can catch some lightning in a bottle and score some TDs he can certainly garner some votes to get to Honolulu and beat out Devin Hester.

As he is within Redskins nation Banks can easily become a fan favorite across the NFL with some success this year. His size alone gives him a solid advantage of garnering fan interest and sentiment. It would be awesome to have a productive returner and Banks could certainly become another flash in the pan player much like Dante Hall ten years ago.