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Daily Slop : Redskins 80th Tour Off To Strong Start; Can The Redskins Afford To Let Chris Cooley Go?


Elfin: Can The Washington Redskins Afford To Let Chris Cooley Go? " CBS DC
With Fred Davis, who’s unsigned beyond this season, one more failed drug test from a year-long suspension, can the Washington Redskins really afford to gamble on Niles Paul, blocking tight end Logan Paulsen and Richard Quinn and let Chris Cooley go?

Rick Snider: Redskins' greats aren't just players | Washington Examiner
The Washington Redskins will update their 70 Greatest Redskins from a decade ago by adding another 10 for their 80th season, and the possibilities include assistant coaches and front office personnel for the first time.

HomerMcFanboy " andre carter talks redskins offense, griffin III
For most of his five seasons with the Washington Redskins, defensive end Andre Carter was a focal point of the defense. And with 34 sacks in 67 starts, he was also one of the most productive members of the burgundy and gold during his time in Washington.

Just get in, baby - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
The Redskins are expected by many to improve this year with the addition of rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III and some legitimate weapons at wide receiver. Most think they are in line to take bigger strides in 2013 as Griffin and the other players mature and develop chemistry. However, it appears that they are a long way from attaining the Holy Grail of the NFL regular season, winning the division and getting home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Interview with Redskins Running Back Alfred Morris | -The D.C. Sports Chat-
Alfred Morris joins the Jwalk and Moose show to talk about Redskins OTA's and transitioning to the NFL.

In '99, Redskins saw a new QB make a big difference
In 1999, the Redskins improved from 6-10 to 10-6 mostly because of the addition of QB Brad Johnson. Can RG3 engineer a similar improvement?

In fantasy rankings, scroll down, down for Redskins
Football season is about three months away, which means fantasy football season is about three months away. Which means those looking ahead are ranking NFL players already.

Redskins 80th Tour Off To Strong Start
"This is a thank you tour, and we want to express our appreciation for each of you being Redskins fans," Allen told fans at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds. "With the Redskins, it's a special fraternity. There is a special bond between this organization and its fans, and it's thanks to the great coaches and players, as well as the fans that came before us."

80th Anniversary Tour Day 2
Hi there Redskins fans! It was an exciting second day on the road as part of the Redskins 80th Anniversary Tour. This time our destination was beautiful Shenandoah County, VA.

Remembering The Hogs and how to build another football juggernaut in Washington. Why is the union picking on us? | May
What will it take to rebuild The Hogs? First the owners then the players hit the Redskins over the salary cap. Wait, WHAT?

Early 2013 NFC East compensatory pick projections – Blogging the bEast
Which NFC East teams are in line to pick up extra compensatory picks in 2013. With free agency movement pretty much complete, and the remaining unemployed players unlikely to get anything higher than the veteran minimums (which don’t qualify for comp picks), let’s take an early look at players signed/lost, and who might receive an extra pick or two (or three) in 2013:

Things to know about NFL men who served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

NFL increases per-team debt limit to $200 million | ProFootballTalk
As a sign of the current financial health of the NFL, the league's owners decided last week to increase significantly the ability of each team to tap into the financial health of the nation's finer lending institutions.

New stadiums are resulting in dramatically increased ticket prices | ProFootballTalk
As the Falcons continue their efforts to replace the Georgia Dome (which has been deemed obsolete despite being used by the team roughly 200 times) with a retractable-roof venue,