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Don't Call it a Comeback: Brandon Meriweather

Getty Images A heavy dose of Montel Williams' medicinal marijuana...........maybe. Either way, don't call it a comeback. This 28 year old safety is legit! Do you think two Pro Bowls were figments of our imagination? I think not. Meriweather is talented. How talented you ask? Well, consider his last Pro Bowl birth came in 2010, a year he sat on the bench for the first three games after finding himself in Bill Belacheat's doghouse (which I heard is even harder to get out of than Joe Paterno's was), yet still managed 68 tackles, three interceptions, one fumble recovery, and six passes defended. He was benched in New England's system for freelancing..............(in my best Jim Mora voice), freelancing!

A first round pick in the 2007 draft by the New England Patriots (#24 overall) out of the University of Miami, Meriweather, whos nicknames include "The Hit Stick", "Hit-em-up", and "B-Ware", holds the Miami career record for career tackles by a defensive back with 293. He has the size, speed and instincts to play either strong or free safety, but I project him as a strong safety with the Redskins, filling the role of the departed LaRon Landry.

Unlike Landry, Meriweather does not have an injury history quite as great, and although he does have some maturity issues to deal with, if he can pull things together(which I believe he can), he has the talent to be a leader in the Redskins secondary, and earn his way back to the Pro Bowl. His ball skills, and ability to seperate the ball from receivers, will be counted upon this year to generate much needed turnovers for the defense. Aside from that, Meriweather is a good pass rusher when asked to blitz. He takes good angles, and used his hands well to strip the ball from the opposing quarterback.

This is truly a kid who has the talent to become a force in our secondary, and baring injury, should be one of the best free agents pickups we have had in a while.

See ya in Hawaii Mr. Meriweather!