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Collection of Bizarrely Awesome Hail to the Redskins Songs

I had twenty minutes to kill this morning, so I browsed around YouTube checking out all the different versions of Hail to the Redskins that are out there. Some really great ones including a parrot and a band where the average age of each member is 97. I found the actual recording from the 1930s as well, I recommend giving that a listen. I am a little unhappy I was unable to find a cat playing a piano to the song, although I did find a cat rolling around in a Redskins jersey.

Is heavy metal or The Blues your thing? This version starts heavy metal, switches to Blues at the 1:25 mark, then at the 1:50 mark, the instrumental guitar switches to something that Queen would make. At the 2:40 mark it switches to Ravi Shakar type Indian music.

Next up we got the bluegrass, banjo version (tip of the cap to @recordsANDradio).

This is the official song recorded in the sounds like the same band that did the Looney Tunes cartoons back in the day...and that's a compliment:

Piano version...

There's a ton of remix versions online. As much as I like rap music, I've never really liked any of the HTTR mixes. This is one is decent:

Here's a two year old singing it...aww....

A parrot singing HTTR...

This next video is footage from Parks' wedding starts at 0:50 mark. Who says old people can't rock?

This is the last HTTR played at RFK, when we beat Dallas...pretty sweet.

And I gotta end on this one...