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Indecent Proposal: Redskins Armchair GM

In this very dead period of the Redskins offseason, I thought I would get our creative juices flowing with a couple of post titles that our writers could chew on over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Similar to our podcast quick-hitters, these posts force the writer to make a choice that he or she would not otherwise suggest, so don't take this series of posts as anything other than fodder for debate.

While chances may be low that a trade goes down before the regular season, I think it is only fair that if you target something in trade, you should have to identify what you would give up to get it.

Since I am going first, I think I will propose a scenario where a very good team finds itself in need of a wide receiver because of a preseason injury. The Patriots, Steelers or even the Ravens come to mind. If a team like that loses one or even multiple wide receiver options, I can see them coming for a guy like Santana Moss. He is the ideal target for a veteran team in need of a professional wideout. Assuming he stays healthy long enough for that team to come calling, I think the Redskins would take that call.

If the Redskins tried to trade Moss today, the value would not be there, but if a team was interested and in need, I could see a middle-round draft pick being bandied about. Best-case scenario would probably be a third-round pick, with a fourth-round pick being very appreciated as well.

There you have it: Santana Moss for a third- or fourth-round pick. (I think Moss is in for a HUGE season this year off of our bench, by the way.)