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Daily Slop : Redskins Are Defendants in Collusion Lawsuit, For Now; Rookie Alfred Morris is an 'Old School' Back

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Redskins, Cowboys are among defendants in NFLPA’s collusion lawusit - The Insider - The Washington Post
The Redskins and Cowboys are defendants in the players’ union’s collusion lawsuit against the league, even after they were punished by the league for their spending on players.

How the Redskins can survive the 2013 Cap Penalty | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog
Yesterday I broke down what the cap penalty could mean for the Redskins in 2013. Looking at the numbers it became clear that the Redskins are going to have to get pretty creative to get out of this cap mess. I thought it would be good to look at what the Redskins might need to do to get under the cap.

Redskins' Griffin will wear Roman numerals - NFC East Blog - ESPN
If you've seen film from the Washington Redskins' offseason practices, you've no doubt noticed that rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III is wearing "GRIFFIN III" on the back of his jersey. You've likely not thought much about it, since that's what he wore on the back of his jersey in college. But Uni Watch tells us not only that Griffin will wear the name and numerals during the season, but that prior to this year, that would not have been permitted under NFL rules:

Redskins email report: Morris impressed former coach with toughness | Washington Examiner

David Serna, who spent seven seasons as Florida Atlantic’s running backs coach, remembers recruiting Alfred Morris out of high school. He remembers Morris' high school coach telling him, "If he ain't good enough for you, you'll never find anyone good enough for you." And Serna remembers thinking if Morris had been an inch taller or slightly faster, Florida Atlantic would have had no shot at him.

Redskins are defendants in collusion lawsuit -- for now - Washington Times
The Redskins are among the defendants in the NFLPA's collusion lawsuit, which is ironic considering they also accused the league of collusion in the grievance through which they challenged their $36 million salary cap penalty.

Redskins rookie Alfred Morris is an 'old school' back

What is the significance of Robert Griffin III’s locker location? - The Insider - The Washington Post
VIDEO | The young QB’s locker is between two veteran linebackers. Post Sports wonders why.

In-depth chart: Linebackers - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
The Redskins’ 90-man offseason roster is set, at least for the time being. It’s time to take a look at who they have, who will start, and who will be around when the Sept. 9 opener in New Orleans rolls around. We’ve looked the the offensive backs, the line.and the receivers and tight ends on that side of the ball and at the defensive line. Today we put the linebackers under the microscope.

Point - Counterpoint: Implications of Capgate | Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog

How will the arbitrator’s ruling for the NFL on "Capgate" affect the Washington Redskins?

HomerMcFanboy " getting to know josh leribeus

Considering the decade or so of neglecting the offensive line the previous regime was known for, it was a pleasant surprise to see the franchise use it’s second-highest pick in the draft on an area that no team can ever have enough depth at.

The Redskins Blog | Video: OTAs Go Outside For Second Day

Santana Moss aims to return to form for Redskins - The Insider - The Washington Post

When he looked back on one of the most disappointing seasons of his 11-year career, Washington Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss knew something had to change.

Inside access: Chase Minnifield - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

In-depth chart: Defensive backs

Here we discuss the Redskins' depth chart at defensive back, which is written with a dry-erase marker as lots of movement is likely to take place.

Wednesday Nights Interview with Rick Snider of The Washington Examiner | -The D.C. Sports Chat-

To listen to last nights show click here ———->Redskins interview with Rick Snider

DALY: Redskins hurt by too much time on their hands - Washington Times
The NFL offseason is for R and R — rest and rehab — and lord knows the players need it. But you don't want the offseason to be too "off," as it was during the 2011 lockout year, because all kinds of problems can ensue.

NFC East youth: Which bEast team has the best under 25 talent? – Blogging the bEast

NFL rankings: Coaches queue starts with Tom Coughlin, Bill Belichick - NFL - Sporting News
16. Mike Shanahan, Washington Redskins

Shaping the Slot |
In Washington, Santana Moss is one of the receivers who play in 2-WR packages before moving inside to the slot in multiple-receiver formations. The Redskins use him at the intermediate and deep level fairly often, but when he’s in the slot, he sees a big increase in his short pass targets. At this point in his career, Moss is more quick than fast and he uses that ability to move the chains very often on third downs.

Hakeem Nicks breaks right foot at New York Giants OTA - NFL -
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- New York Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks is expected to be sidelined up to three months after breaking his right foot at a team organized activity early Thursday.

DeMaurice Smith says NFLPA's collusion suit will hold up -

NFL players union chief DeMaurice Smith said outside union headquarters Washington on Thursday that his group's claim of collusion will stand up in court. "My view is that the facts that we had justified and supported the complaint that we filed," Smith told reporters.

NFL, referees head to federal mediation in effort to reach new labor deal - The Insider - The Washington Post

The league and the referees’ union are in negotiations for a new labor agreement.

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