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The Time a Three Year Old Josh LeRibeus Stabbed a Carnival Darts Lady

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We had the very fine pleasure of having Redskins third round draft pick, Josh LeRibeus, and his Mother, Ms. Debbie, join our podcast last night. Interviewing players' parents is something we enjoy, like when we accidentally interviewed Tom Tupa's Dad a few years ago. Anywho, there's a lot of good back and forth in our podcast with Josh, but his mother stole the show in a convincing argument that her son has never been soft or weak:

First of all, for all these haters online, I'm a big twitter fan. I've seen the "he's soft"...people calling him the "p" word..."he's gonna be weak"..."he's not mean and nasty." Let me tell you. I have raised this kid. He was the evil spawn child from hell. I have one quick story to show that he's been mean and nasty all his life but he's been taught in public to be a doors, yes ma'am, no ma'am. He has learned a lot, but no way on the field is he going to be soft. When he was three years old we took him to the county fair. Three year olds don't articulate things very well. Josh was used to getting his way and when he didn't oh my God the whole world heard about it. Very temperamental. When riding his tricycle instead of saying "I'm riding" he would say "My riding." He got that word mixed up.

We took him to the fair and we came across this one booth. The booth had all the balloons tacked up to the wall and you throw those darts. Three darts for like a dollar, whatever. He was very big for his age. He was three but looked like he was seven. And the lady was like, "Do you want to play little boy?" And we were like "No no no no!! We don't want him to have the dart." He was very strong, we were afraid he was going to poke her eye out or something. When we told him no, he just went into instant Josh rage. He picked up the dart and said "MY PLAYING!!!" and stabbed her in the hand...through her hand. Blood was everywhere. I'm freaking out. My husband at the time was trying to pull it out of her hand. And [Josh] just kept saying "My playing!! My playing!!" Oh my God! We had to give him the other two darts to throw at the balloons just to shut him up. It was terrible. It was so embarrassing. We were apologizing profusely.

He was just mean! We came back around that same game alley an hour later and she had like three inches of bandages all over her hand. She moved all the darts off the table and saw him coming like this evil child is coming her way again. He was just mean!

Ken Meringolo then chimed in...

The Dallas Cowboys were responsible for taking away your darts...I think you should know that, Josh. They are very bad people.

I then asked if Josh connected with his extra darts and Ms. Debbie responded: "Bullseye".

Audio of our podcast and interview available here.