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RG3 Talks About "Big Mike", Having Thrown to All WRs, and Kirk Cousins

RG3 interviewing with Dan Rubenstein of the SB Nation team (video coming shortly). (as <a href="!/RGIII/status/203540362789269505" target="new">tweeted by RG3</a>)
RG3 interviewing with Dan Rubenstein of the SB Nation team (video coming shortly). (as tweeted by RG3)

The NFLPA teamed up with Nike to host a Flag Football Game tonight at 8PM EST. It's a free fan event during Rookie Premiere featuring past and present NFL stars, celebrities, and 2012 NFL rookies. Thirty five of the top draft picks are on hand to meet fans including Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, Justin Blackmon, Ryan Tannehill, Michael Floyd, and Brandon Weeden.

SB Nation's own Joel Thorman interviewed RG3 today and here's everything RG3 had to say. I like it A LOT that RG's locker is next to London Fletcher's.

What's he doing now: "Work, signatures, doing events and learning the playbook."

On the Shanahans: "Big Mike is what I like to call him, he'll talk to you after practice. Kyle is more hands on, and an energetic guy. They plan on using me in a few ways, running the ball and throwing the ball. The bottom line is to win."

On the transition to the NFL: "It's just the playbook. when it comes to the speed of the game, you'll adjust. You just adjust to it. It's the playbook so I can learn everything and know where I'm going and be decisive."

On meeting his teammates: "I've thrown to all the receivers, met the lineman and pretty much everyone on the team. My locker is right next to London Fletcher's."

On moving to DC: "It's a lot of change. New people, new coaches and new players. A whole new environment. You have to go with the flow, not expect too much and see where you fit in. I think I fit in with my teammates and the city as well....I know there's a lot of people there very excited about the Redskins."

Growing up in Texas: "I wasn't a Cowboys fan so there wasn't a conflict."

Whether he has bought his offensive lineman meals: "I have not but we'll work something out. I might cook them benne."

On the NFC East: "I have looked at defenders,and I know them pretty well being a Texas kid. You have to respect your opponent but never fear them. There are some good teams in our division but I won't fear them."

On Kirk Cousins: "The coach told me he was going to take a QB when I flew in after day one of the draft. They just wanted to have two QBs to build together and complete that. With Kirk, it's fine. They brought me in for a reason. We all know I'm going to be the starter and I plan to be the starter, and they brought him in for a reason as well. It's not a competition, let's just go ahead and do that. We're cool, we've spoken. There's no conflict there."

On Cousins: "He looks like he's cut out of a magazine."

On lucky charms: "All I wear is this chain to the game. Other than that, I got the sleeve, the glove and that's enough for me."

On the TCU and Texas corners: "Even though we tore those corners up, a couple of them are highly rated and made it to the NFL."

Kirk Cousins has great looks and great ability? Is this officially the zygote stage of "Kult of Kirk?"

Here's one of the videos the SB Nation team shot at the event today, including the great, Amy Nelson.