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RG3 Went Back into Game After Tearing his ACL at Baylor...and Threw 3 TDs

We all know RG3 tore his ACL in a game vs Northwestern State in 2009. What I wasn't aware of was that RG3 went back into the game the next series.

Griffin got hurt when he was tackled hard by Gary Riggs and stopped for no gain on fourth-and-2 to end the game's opening drive. The standout sophomore remained on the ground for several minutes while Baylor students chanted his name, then walked gingerly to the sideline.

But Griffin, with his knee and lower right leg heavily wrapped, didn't missed a snap before halftime. Griffin then led Baylor to four touchdowns in an eight-minute span...

Griffin did not return for the second half. Here's video of the play gone bad and RG3 talking about the play (he thought he hyper-extended it). It's good to know that if RG3 tears his ACL in the Super Bowl, coaches can tell Grossman to keep that helmet off. It is worth mentioning that the Northwestern State Demons finished 0-11 that year. Note to speed options in the Redskins playbook, please.