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Three Redskins That Need to Go

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Time is moving fast and training camp will be here before we know it. There continues to be many youthful components of this team ready to step up and make some other players expendable. But who are those players that could become expendable? Who are some established Redskins that the Turk should visit this August or earlier?

Brandon Banks KR/PR: Truthfully I just have a bunch of "Brandon Banks Haters Not-So-Anonymous" t-shirts I need to get rid of. But seriously, how can anyone justify a spot for this guy any more? He can't play wide receiver and he's not dynamic in the return game. Sure, he's fun to watch but the Skins would benefit more from an intelligent, straight-line return guy, in my opinion. Many have signaled the end for Banks on and off this site, but truthfully I still think he finds a way to sneak on to this squad. He must have some interesting pictures of Danny Smith.

Lorenzo Alexander, Utility: Let me lay this out, I love Lorenzo Alexander, I think he's been a great Redskin. But in terms of football decision making, I don't know if I like him taking up a spot or spots that we can be utilizing younger players. LoAx is a great special teams player but when does that well run dry for a 29 year old veteran? It seems like Mike Shanahan is reaching for away to keep him on this squad by making him into a human Swiss Army knife, but I'm not comfortable with Alexander coming in as a back up especially at the inside linebacker position. What Alexander lacks in athleticism he makes up for in heart, but that can only get you so far especially in a key backup role if asked to play. I feel better about Johnathan Goff, Keenan Robinson, Bryan Kehl, and even DJ Holt coming in in a pinch rather than LoAx. Like I said, I love the guy, but I don't know if he will continue to have a spot on this squad.

Evan Royster, RB: This is more of a prediction than a guy I see as a need to get rid of. Royster certainly filled in well for Roy Helu last year, but at the same time we must temper our expectations in regards to a Mike Shanahan running back. I still don't see "it" with Royster and I think Alfred Morris will outplay him and displace him by mid-season.