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Tim Hightower Talks About RG3 and His 1-Year Contract with the Redskins

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Tim Hightower was on Lavar and Dukes yesterday talking Redskins and his one-year contract with the Redskins:

How's the rehab coming?

"Good. Good. It's...I am definitely on the better end of it. I'm able to do some things on the field now with running around and cutting. You know getting back to doing what I do. It's definitely a good feeling."

Do you feel like you'll have a better opportunity this year with Robert Griffin III as the quarterback?

"That's not guaranteed. I'm optimistic from that standpoint that he is very talented and he's a playmaker. Anytime you are around playmakers it's not going to do anything, but help, but that is not guaranteed.

I don't think I made my decision based off anyone else versus any other player per say. It was more of me and sometimes you understand being a player you gotta make the decision that are the best for you. This system was a great system for me. The coaching staff was a great coaching staff. The fan base. The community. It was good for me. Again I did build that great relationship with Mike Shanahan and I felt like it was going to be a great situation and a great fit. I liked the direction they were heading in and I think that was the majority of the reason why I made the decision and I'm glad that it worked out here. The RGIII thing and the rest of the guys they brought in? That is just a bonus on top of it."

Are you going to have to change the style of running back you are now coming off the knee surgery?

You can read the rest of the interview here....