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Trent Williams & Kory Lichtensteiger Better Than You Think?

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The guys over at Pro Football Focus have started to release their highest graded individual performances at each position. Somewhat surprisingly, two Redskins offensive lineman rank in the top five single game performances in their respective positions.

Kory Lichtensteiger only played five games last year, but in week two against the Cardinals, Kory managed the fourth highest graded game of any left guard in 2011. Here's what Pro Football Focus had to say:

Going head-to-head with a talent like Calais Campbell often isn’t easy. Here, Lichtensteiger gave up just one pressure to the $55 million man while picking up three positive blocks in the run game against Campbell. Throw in some good work in the screen game, and this is exactly the kind of performance Shanahan wants from his interior linemen.

This earned him a +4.5 grade for the game, only 0.3 of a grade off second place.

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Then we had Trent Williams week 12 performance against Seattle. He was graded with the fourth best single game performance by any left tackle in the league in this game with a +5.2 rating. Here's their analysis on Trent's performance.

Williams didn’t give up a single pressure or penalty, while grading positively five times in the run game. It was a near-flawless display and with Chris Clemons going up against you, that’s not often heard.

You can read the full articles on PFF here and here.

Interesting then that despite all the injuries and suspensions, two of our offensive lineman still managed to put up some of the best performances of the year. Lets hope these two are back and can consistently put together these kind of performances, for Robert Griffin III's sake. Does this make you feel any more comfortable with our offensive line?