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Handicapping the Redskins 2012 Season Vegas Odds

I don't ever recall the excitement for the NFL being 24-7, 365 days a year, but kudos, Roger Goodell, you're basically on par with the porn business in terms of web traffic. I mean, it's fricking May, usually reserved for NBA and NHL playoffs, yet the NFL still dominates headlines every day (TEBOW RENAMED HIS DOG!). I digress. Las Vegas just released odds for every week of the NFL season, (God bless them), so of course, I'm all over this.

In regards to who will win the NFC East, like last year, the Eagles are favored: Eagles +140, Giants +200, Cowboys +200, Redskins +1200. I'm sorry, but the Giants at 2-1 seems like free money to me. They endured MASSIVE injuries across the board and still won. Why are they not the favorites after getting healthy, winning the Super Bowl, and drafting more quality players?

Enough...on to my week-by-week handicapping!





1 - 9/9/2012


+11 (+500)

Take the points. Saints will be a mess week 1 with a new coach, but that dome is TOUGH and LOUD...enough where I respect not to bet the moneyline.

2 - 9/16



Do we ever win in STL? Take the Rams.

3 - 9/23


-1 ½

Bengals. Dalton and Green will be a problem. And we're favored? Pass.

4 - 9/30



Skins...this will be a home game at Tampa.

5 - 10/7


+1 ½

ATL. Their O weapons are good.

6 - 10/24



VIKES. Favre, Webb...this is a game we should win, but we shouldn't be giving that many points.

7 - 10/21



Skins. That's too many points for a NFC East game.

8 - 10/28



Skins. This game will go off PIT -4.

9 - 11/4



Cats. Redskins are 7-2 all-time vs CAR but I'll bet we lose on some play that's never happened in NFL history.


- BYE -

11 - 11/18


+3 ½

Philly. We never play them well at home and they have 2 soft games before us (DAL/NO) Vick should be around.

12 - 11/22



Redskins. This game will be getting 6 points is as money as finding that extra serving of oyster stuffing. I'm betting money line Skins too.

13 - 12/3 *MNF


+2 ½

NYG. Prime time games are the Redskins kryptonite.

14 - 12/9


+3 ½

Skins. The Baltimore defense is now the equivalent of George Foreman fighting at age 55. (that happened)

15 - 12/16



CLE. We don't play bad teams well.

16 - 12/23



REDSKINS. No way Vick is 100% at this point. (CIN/TB weeks before). If McNabb as a Skin can win in Philly, F YEA RG3 can cover 9 points.

17 - 12/30


- Offline -

Redskins. I don't care what the line is. Romo got blown out week 17 vs NYG last year.