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Ten Yard Fight: Our Secondary Should Quickly Become Our Primary Concern

1. seems this Kirk Cousins thing isn't going anywhere. I know we spent a lot of time on it yesterday, but it looks like this one is going to be here for a long time. We really did it this time. We completely manufactured drama in a space where there could have been none.

2. I still don't mind the pick, despite its many very obvious, very valid, very represented deficiencies.

3. As for whether or not this affects RG3, let me assure you that Robert Griffin III is not losing any sleep worrying that Kirk Cousins can or will take his job. There's a reason why one was a fourth round pick and the other was drafted second overall. Every team passed on this guy multiple times...including us. There is not a sane human being alive that would attempt to argue that it is even possible for Cousins to win the starting job over Rex Grossman OR RG3.

4. But then you hit me with the old, "But what about using that pick on a player that could come in and help the team--and possibly Griffin--right away?" It's a strong and rather impenetrable argument, except for one thing: I am done with "right away." I have been for at least a few years now. We don't do "right away" well. This is Year Three of an overhaul of our entire organization by a couple of guys who have been to their share of rodeos. I could have lived with another year of trading down before making a move for a quarterback. I could have definitely lived with the kind of haul the Steelers had at the top of their draft, netting two starting-caliber offensive linemen with their first two picks (David DeCastro and Mike Adams). But that's not what this draft was all about, was it? In the year that the Shanaplan addresses the offense, it's hard to suggest there is no justification for dedicating precious resources to the quarterback position.

5. What about the way the Redskins have quietly improved their linebacking corps? Nobody is going to confuse us with the '76 Steelers, but we have added the kind of depth that you need at an important position. Bryan Kehl, Jonathan Goff, Lorenzo Alexander, as well as guys like Markus White and Rob Jackson will have to probably all play for us to have any chance of defensive success. Is Keenan Robinson any better than any of those guys above? I wonder if any of them can play corner or safety?

6. Ahhhhh....that "luxury pick" you spoke of earlier.

7.Nobody does shitstorms the way we do shitstorms.

8. Seriously...our secondary is looking a lot like one that at least a few teams in the NFL are very much excited to face. What are we going to do? Whatever happens, NOBODY FREAK OUT, OK? Too late...I'm freaking out. If we can't get to the quarterback in 1.2 seconds, we could be in trouble.

9. What if we lined up Robert Griffin III on the edge in a 100% passing situation? Is anyone going to beat him to a spot? Don't worry...if he gets hurt, we have Kirk Cousins! I love it when a plan comes together.

10. We'll be talking to newly acquired offensive lineman Josh LeRibeus on the Hogs Haven podcast this week. Suggest your questions below for either Josh or any one of us.