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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. I still can't stop noodling that McNabb incident. You know, it's probably true that most NFL fans thought the Redskins mistreated or disrespected Don Burgundy. The majority of observers likely believed that the Shanahans at least mishandled the situation. People came to his defense in the national media, didn't they? People respected McNabb enough to believe it, didn't they? I think that the reason there are more people today not siding with Don Burgundy is Don Burgundy. (Unless RG3 comes here, bombs out, costs the Shanahans their jobs and legacies and sets the franchise back five to seven which case McNabb looks like a genius and probably takes over for Sonny Jurgensen in the booth.) Donovan has always seemed to make all the right moves, Craig T. Nelson-style, when it came to his image. This was not in line with that history.


3. Nice work by the CBS camera crew and commentators pointing out that opening in the tree canopy prior to Bubba Watson using it to frame one of the most awesome shots you'll ever see to win a Masters. Shrek, great round.

4. I am all offensive line, all the time when it comes to the draft lately, but if a guy who is capable of starting for us at safety is available at the top of the third round, I just don't see how we could pass that up. I have openly campaigned for Markelle Martin, the safety out of Oklahoma State, in that spot. I think what makes me feel better about that is the potential availability of an offensive lineman like Jeff Allen, the tackle out of Illinois, in the fourth round. We can find a guy capable of starting on our offensive line in the fourth round. Whether that is saying more about our offensive line or more about the offensive line depth in this draft...who cares?

5. On the podcast last week, we talked about which player currently on the roster would benefit most from the arrival of Robert Griffin III. There were some good answers given--I went with Roy Helu. I think defensive coordinators will have to pay so much attention to RG3, Helu is going to make teams pay with huge plays. If Griffin can get linebackers to lean the wrong way, Helu can beat them to the other side of the field. He can make guys miss, break arm tackles and has the speed to go the distance. I think there are multiple correct answers on this question, though, so have at it.

6. Congratulations to one of Hogs Haven's writers, Ronnie Adkins on the birth of his first child. We think that the mom and baby girl are fine, but all Ronnie wanted to talk about in the delivery room was the new Nike jerseys.