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Redskins 2012 NFL Draft Grades Results

Explanations from each grader after the jump.

Mel Kiper: C+
SB Nation: A-

Round Pick Position Player College
(1) 2 QB Robert Griffin III Baylor
(3) 71 G Josh LeRibeus SMU
(4) 102 QB Kirk Cousins Michigan State
(4) 119 LB Keenan Robinson Texas
(5) 141 G Adam Gettis Iowa
(6) 173 RB Alfred Morris Florida Atlantic
(6) 193 T Tom Compton South Dakota
(7) 213 CB Richard Crawford SMU
(7) 217 CB Jordan Bernstine Iowa

Mel Kiper Jr: If you feel like the grade is a tough one, remember I have to factor in the extraordinary value given up to acquire Robert Griffin III. I've looked, and it's as much as we've ever seen dealt for a top-5 pick. I think RG3 will be a very good player, and I think he can be pretty good right out of the gate, but he's this draft for Washington, and he came at the cost of (likely) three future starters. The pick of another quarterback,Kirk Cousins, obviously created some curiosity. I can see a plan: Washington develops an asset it can deal in a year to regain some draft picks. Is Cousins worth a second-round pick in a year? He could be. It was smart to get a couple of guards, because the offensive line is a weakness outside of Trent Williams. The Redskins got their guy in RG3, they just gave up an extraordinary amount to do so. Only fair to factor that in.

CNNSi: This draft, and the future of the franchise, rests in Robert Griffin III's hands. They sold out for him, and then had a crummy draft after that top pick - Kirk Cousins in Round 4? Downright baffling, even for the Redskins. Washington tried to address its offensive line, but Josh LeRibeus (71), Adam Gettis (141) and Tom Compton (193) form a collection of subpar options. Grade: B-minus Robert Griffin III. That's it. Washington's next three drafts will be judged by the success of RG3. They should be fine. [more]

SB Nation: The front office made a good decision to use three of their later picks on offensive linemen. If just one pans out, that helps the young quarterback. Still can't give this one a perfect grade because of the Kirk Cousins pick. Nothing against Cousins, but why take a second rookie quarterback with a fourth-round pick? [more]

So, my thoughts:

  • Kiper gave the Redskins a C+ last year, which he later revised to a B. I love Kiper as an entertainer, but it's been impossible for me to ever listen to him again after having Jimmy Clausen as a top five talent.
  • CNNSi - Did the custodian or Piers Morgan write this garbage? Every NFL GM is in unison that if you draft for needs, mistakes get, taking a quality QB who was 2nd-3rd round was actually great value. I have a weird feeling Cousins will actually see some time for the Skins, but at the least, Cousins can be traded for future picks (hello 2nd rounder).
  • SB Nation - Again with the Cousins hate. Mike Mayock praised the Cousins draft pick, so that works for me.
I give the Redskins a B. I know that there were some guys on their draft board that they weren't able to get, so that was disappointing, but the QB problem is solved.
The SBNation crew did a great job on their recap: