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Redskins Community GM: Sixth Round

We finally got off the offensive lineman kick yesterday! The community drafted former Syracuse safety Phillip Thomas with our fifth round pick. As noted Thomas has already had a private workout with the Redskins. Here is what the draft looks like so far:

1st- Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor
3rd- Mitchell Schwartz, OT, Cal
4th- Phillip Blake, C, Baylor
4th- Nate Potter, OT, Boise State
5th- Phillip Thomas, S, Syracuse

Here are today's choices:

Justin Bethel, CB, Presbyterian: Bethel has been tied to Josh Norman a lot throughout this draft process, mainly because they both played in the same college conference the Big South. Bethel had a solid combine and pro day. His biggest asset is his versatility, his athleticism allows him to play corner, safety, and various special teams roles.

Tom Compton, OT, South Dakota: Compton is already scheduled to meet with the Vikings. He's a two-time captain for the Coyotes and would be a great developmental tackle.

B.J. Coleman, QB, Chattanooga: I've preached drafting two QBs in this draft. Coleman is a transfer from Tennessee who excelled for the FCS Mocs. He needs to be developed, but has one of the highest ceilings among the late round QBs.

Hebron Fangupo, NT, Brigham Young: At 6'0, 325 lbs Fangupo is what you look for in a late round developmental nose tackle. Fangupo was originally slated to go to USC but chose BYU instead. Scouts applaud his maturity and his ability to clog holes on first and second down.

Terrance Ganaway, RB, Baylor: We already have RG3 and Phillip Blake why not complete the Baylor triumvirate with Gannaway? At 6'0, 239 Ganaway is a bowling bowl type of running back. He doesn't accelerate quickly but is a solid late round back.