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Redskins Draft Picks 2012: Washington Selects Running Back Alfred Morris At No. 173 Overall

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Florida Atlantic running back Alfred Morris
Florida Atlantic running back Alfred Morris

With the third pick in the sixth round (#173 overall), the Washington Redskins drafted running back Alfred Morris from Florida Atlantic University. Morris has a strong lower body and runs well in tight spaces. As a between the tackles guy he hits the hole well and can make guys miss. He's also a very willing blocker and can help in pass protection. Morris was known as vocal leader with high character.

What Morris is not is a speed guy, he doesn't really have a second gear to leave defenders in his wake. Ball security can be a problem at times, something he'll need to work on at the next level. He's also not known as a pass receiver. He played in the Sun Belt conference so the Redskins will have to see how he does leaping from a lesser conference up to the NFL level. Mike Shanahan has a reputation for turning running backs into big-time producers, we'll see what he can do with Alfred Morris.