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Redskins Draft Picks 2012: Washington Selects Texas LB Keenan Robinson At No. 117 Overall

Early Saturday, the Washington Redskins moved down from No. 14 in the fourth round to No. 24. After addressing their offense to start the day, the Redskins then used the acquired pick to select Texas linebacker Keenan Robinson.

The former Longhorns linebacker is athletic and can fit into many different defensive systems. Although some project him as an outside linebacker, his versatility should allow him to move inside to fill a need for the Redskins. And as someone described earlier, in the 3-4, Washington will need plenty of linebackers, so he will get plenty of opportunities. He appears to lack a bit of extra burst, but he does a good job identifying plays in front of him, which allows him to diagnose a play and get in on the action before burst becomes an issue. He possesses solid range, which could help him develop into a starter.

Here are some highlights from his 2010 season.