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RG3 Links Roundup

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Robert Griffin III is headed to Washington | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo!
He was ranked first overall in our scouting reports for that same reason: I put Griffin on top because he's already got so much together, and over time, I believe that he has the potential to be the kind of quarterback we've never seen before -- at least, not before in anything but short sports.

Fantasy: Instant 2012 NFL Draft Reaction - Robert Griffin to the Washington Redskins |
Washington selects Robert Griffin III in the NFL Draft and PFF sees immediate fantasy value. His selection also boosts the other skill positions in Washington.

Robert Griffin III And His Tiny Hat Are Redskins | Mr. Irrelevant,
Why didn't they get him a hat that fits?

Robert Griffin III -- Screw My Diet, I'M RICH! |
He's one the most elite athletes in the world ... his body is a friggin' temple ... and that's why we're kinda shocked by what Robert Griffin III had for… (This is garbage reporting...shocker, TMZ, I know)

Robert Griffin III on the big screen at the Wizards game - DC Sports Bog
RGIII fever spread to Verizon Center on Thursday night, with cheers for the Redskins’ new quarterback.

Shanahan Thrilled to Get Griffin
"I just think he will bring a lot to this organization. You are always looking for that franchise guy. He has not proven himself yet and we understand that. We need to put a good supporting cast around him and play well as a football team."

RGIII jerseys for sale - DC Sports Bog
That didn’t take long, huh? This was the FedEx Field merchandise stand, just moments after the pick was announced.

Robert Griffin III’s first Topps card - DC Sports Bog
Here’s a first look at Robert Griffin III’s Topps Football rookie card. Wrong number, right uniform color.


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