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Twas the Night Before Draft Day

Twas the night before draft day, and all though the city,

not a Skins fan was restless, as they normally would be.

Our draft plans were settled, unlike previous years,

and the savior was coming, to erase all our fears.

My kids were nestled, all snug in their bed,

while visions of Sponge Bob danced in their heads.

But I couldn't sleep, eventhough I knew,

that Griffin was on his way, this just had to be true.

But somewhere tucked away, deep in my mind,

were previous draft days, that were so damn unkind.

I thought about Shuler, and Ramsey and Jason,

and that face of the franchise, we've been constantly chasing.

Than what to by sleepless eyes should appear,

but an image of Vinny, it was perfectly clear.

He arrived like a spirit, and spoke not a word,

but the meer sight of him looked quite absurd.

The smile on his face told me all I should know,

that this little turd came to ruin our show.

The dark days that haunted this franchise for years,

had brought nothing to this fan base but sorrow and tears.

And Vinny himself, that big piece of shit,

had sunk us for years with his great GM wit.

I cried when I saw him, just my natural reaction,

but I knew that I could not give him satisfaction.

I closed my eyes tight, then opened them wide,

and at that moment, my heart swelled with pride.

For I knew that one man could not bring us down,

especially with Griffin coming to town.

And the team I had loved for so many years,

was about to be blessed with cheering, not jeers.

Then as fast as he came, he left with a boom,

Then a feeling of solace crept through the room.

For I knew in that moment just like a young pup,

that not even Vinny could fuk this one up.

As my wife lay asleep next to me in our bed,

with visions of Tom Brady clouding her head;

I finally could rest knowing perfectly clear,

that we'd be a contender as soon as next year.

So to my fellow fans who worry it's true,

that our team will be bad for the next decade too;

I say to you now, with the greatest conviction,

2012 will be our resurrection.

So I leave you with this one last though for the night,

and I hope you will see it, and know that im right;

that all Cowboys, Eagles and Giants fans, just like me,

can not sleep tonight either because of RG3!

HTTR, and enjoy what should be a great draft tomorrow night!