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Hogs Haven Redskins Draft Board

Over the weekend all the Hogs Haven writers (Ken, Kevin, Parks, Steve, Phil, Keely, Ronnie and myself) and had the chance to voice our opinion on our rankings of each position in the draft. We ranked based on how we thought each player fit with the Redskins, so players that fit in the 3-4 defense or the zone blocking scheme on offense might have been moved higher up the board than those who don't.

Throughout the draft, I'm going to keep the board updated. Once a player is drafted, there square will be colored yellow and have a line through their name. If the Redskins pick a player, their square will be colored burgundy. At the beginning of every round and when the Redskins pick, we'll be able to see who the best players available are.

Click any of these words to go to the draft board.

We have a total of 229 players on the board, 112 on offense and 117 on defense. We split each round into three sections: A, B and C. A represents a player graded to go in the top third of the round, B represents a player graded to go in the middle third of the round and C represents a player graded to go in the last third of the round.