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Does Santana Moss Help the Redskins?

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There has been a lot of talk recently about the Redskins moving in another direction offensively. We have already discussed the rumors of Gaffney being traded or released, and Niles Paul possibly making the move to tight end. This begs the question: Is Santana Moss worth keeping in 2012?

Why he should be kept:

Moss is a consumate professional, and team player. He is a hard worker, and has shown he's one of the players on this team who really wants to be a Redskin. He is a competitor in every sense of the word, and always works his tail off in the offseason to be in the best football shape possible. Moss runs very good routes, and seems to understand the defenses even better than the quarterbacks that are throwing him the ball. He is fluid in and out of breaks, and has no fear, despite his small frame, to go over the middle and make the tough catch. He would be an excellent professional for guys like Hankerson, Paul, Robinson and Morgan to learn from.

Robert Griffin will be asked to do a lot in his first season in D.C. It would help him greatly to have a receiver who knows the offense, and can provide a securite blanket for the rookie. Look what Steve Smith did for Can Newton in Carolina. Maybe RG3 can help to revitalize Moss's career, just like Newton did for Smith.

How can we let go a guy like this go?

Why we should part ways with him:

Moss has easily seen his best days as a Redskin. That's not to say he has no value as a professional, he just doesn't have much value here. He needs to be with a team that is a piece or two away from contending, and the Redskins are not that.

Moss's greatest attribute, his speed, is now average. He is no longer the vertical threat he once was, and this seriously diminishes his game. He used to be the type of receiver who could command over-the-top help, but now safeties rarely look his way. He has become very inconsistant with his hands as well. He was never known to have the greatest hands in the game, but over the last two seasons, he has seen his drops rise. In 2011, he led the team in dropped passes.

With a new quarterback coming to D.C., people say a veteran presence is needed to help this quarterback in the maturation process, but I'll argue that one year of Moss could hurt more than it helps. Just as RG3 may be starting to get comfortable with Moss, and his tendencies, he's bound to be let go, or retire. That forces our new quarterback to find another safety blanket. I think it would be wise to let Griffin learn, and mature with the guys who are going to be here for a while. Moss in the lineup takes away reps from the younger players we are trying to develop. Aside from that, I would rather have my fourth receiver be able to play special teams. At almost 33 years old, Moss is not going to do this.

Moss is scheduled to make 15 million over the next three years(an average of 5 million per season). With the recent salary cap penalty imposed on the Redskins, Moss just may be a luxury we can not afford to keep.

If your starting clean with a new quarterback, and a new look offense, you might as well clear the table of all the leftovers.