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Redskins Players Show Their Love for the Caps on Twitter

I can't really explain why it feels so good to see Redskins players support our other teams. Perhaps they know it helps them gain fan loyalty, but more likely, they enjoy seeing good sports (how many Redskins have been to Nats games the last three years?). Anyway, the Redskins LB core were tweeting up a storm for the Caps Game 4 win over the Bs. A bunch were in attendance last night including Kerrakpo and Fletcher. DHall wins best tweet for obvious reasons.

Ovechkin has been a regular at Fedex Field for as long as I can remember, including cutting through the F lot to talk with fans and kicking field goals pre-game. I know I'm not the only one thinking why isn't there more press on why the DC Divas aren't tweeting their love to the Caps.