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Competitive Advantage and Other Nonsense

Last week we had a productive discussion of who should be the Redskins quarterback of the future, more so in the comments than the post I’m abashed to admit. I’m looking forward to another lively debate this time around, mostly because I’m feeling befuddled and need your input.

Here’s a little background: Today I did a quick google search on the Redskins arbitration case. I found that not only has there been no date set for the hearings, but also the league issued a gag order preventing the clubs from talking about the proceedings.

This, my friends, is the definition of bullshit. Stalling the hearing only hurts the Redskins. Even if the penalty is overturned before the draft, we still lost considerable ground in free agency by not being able to spend the way we planned to.

From what I’ve been able to gather from the interwebs, the league merely had discussions warning teams not to go crazy during the uncapped season. Something about not creating a "competitive advantage." There seems to be nothing in writing.

Most analysis I’ve read suggests that the Redskins could emerge victorious from arbitration because a gentlemen’s agreement does not an official rule make. In this case, "gentlemen’s agreement" is a polite phrase for collusion. Which is illegal. And I don’t mean football illegal—I mean real-life illegal.

Even if there were a legally binding agreement, I defy anyone who watched the Redskins last season to show that the uncapped year created competitive advantage. Malarkey, I say! At what point did the competitive advantage supposedly kick in? Was it during Grossman’s first or second stint as the starting quarterback? Let's cue the laugh track.

And last, but not least, nothing—I mean nothing—can erase the scars of being forced to side with Jerry Jones and the Cowboys for any reason. I could shower with bleach and still feel filthy.

In a perfect world, the arbitrator would overturn the penalties against the Redskins, restoring the lost cap space. Roger Goodell, bald after Sean Taylor's ghost put Nair in his shampoo, would be forced to personally finance London Fletcher’s exorbitant contract extension.

Then, in a surprise judgment by the NFL arbitrator, the Cowboys would be subject to both the $10 million penalty and the $36 million penalty as punishment for declaring themselves "America's Team" when everyone knows they're barely Texas' team. And we would get their first-round draft pick. And I could go on and on, so feel free to jump in whenever...