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Could Kendall Wright Fall To The Redskins At 69 Overall?

It's that time of year when all sorts of reports come out from sources "close to the situation" or "behind the scenes". It's hard to know which reports to believe, and which to ignore. I tend to believe this latest report is one to ignore, but I think it makes for an interesting debate.

Baylor wide receiver Kendall Wright, thought by many to be one of the top receivers in this class, has supposedly failed to impress over the pre-draft process. explains:

There were rumors of an offseason weight gain for Wright, and his forty time at the Combine was slower than anticipated. "Randall Cobb was a lot better," one NFL evaluator said. "Wright is nowhere near as good with the ball in his hands and (Cobb) lasted 'til the back of the second (round). People are getting snookered (by Wright)." Wright managed only four bench-press reps, and Pro Football Weekly reports his body fat was 16 percent. Per PFW, it's "one of the highest percentages for a receiver in the past decade."

Although things like being overweight certainly raise red flags, conditioning is one of the easier things to fix in a prospect. As I said, I find it hard to believe he would fall all the way to the third round because of this.

But what if he did. Hypothetically, lets say he's on the board when the Redskins are put on the clock at 69. Would you pair him up with his college teammate and your shiny new quarterback Robert Griffin III? Or would the additions of Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan, along with Leonard Hankerson returning from injury lead you to look to elsewhere?

I think the Redskins would probably take Wright in this hypothetical. I think the prospect of adding RGIII's best receiver to Garcon, Morgan and Hankerson would give us a very strong receiving corp; but one that is also young enough to grow with RGIII over his first few years in the league.

It would mean the best chance of adding a starter would be used on a receiver who would probably only see small playing time to begin with, but I think it's a hit we would take. What's your opinion?