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Video Interview: RG3 Talks About Elway & His Chrysler Pacifica Again

I'll be doing a Robert Griffin III post every day leading up to the draft a week from today (did we mention we're co-hosting a draft party?). He talks about looking up to John Elway as a kid and his Dad showing him the play of legends Kenny Stabler and Randall Cunningham.

CSN anchor, Chick Hernandez, finished up this part of the interview asking RG3 about showing up to camp with new wheels:

"You can't give [the team] ideas. I don't need to show up there in a Benz cause then the team's going to think 'Well, this guy thinks he's the man.' So, it's the little things in life you got to pay attention to. So, I'm going to show up there in my Chrysler Pacifica and we're going to go from there."

Commence adoration...