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These Are Not Your Father's Redskins Anymore

Could quarterback Robert Griffin III of Baylor propel the Redskins offense to one of the leagues best?
Could quarterback Robert Griffin III of Baylor propel the Redskins offense to one of the leagues best?

The word (or at least applied meaning of) "potential" is going to be thrown around in this post quite a bit, so get used to it. Ok, that was my disclaimer, so on to the good stuff.

We have talked about the offensive ineptitude of our Redskins and how this trend has played out for the last 12 plus years. Well hold on to your hats folks, because your about to be blown away by the text/heavy dose of kool-aid you're about to digest!

You can say you heard it here first. Maybe you'll want to be one of the first ones to hitch your ole wagon to the "Tiller Kool-aid Express" - next stop...........NFC East division title!

Ok, quick reality check. Now, let's get serious!

In one short NFL year, the Redskins have went from one of the worst offensive teams in the league, to possibly one of the top 10. How you ask, when we have yet to see this new collection of Redskins perform together? Potential.

Yes, here is the first time this word is being used in this post, but please don't be shocked, because you'll see it again.

We all know the quarterback concerns that have haunted this once proud franchise have grown by the year. Well, finally, we will have a legit option at quarterback, and a potential franchise signal caller to build around for the next decade plus. Be it RG3, or Andrew Luck, the results will be the same. Either player represents a true leader, with great intangibles and a skill-set that screams success. Will this success come immediately? This is the only remaining question in my book.

The foundation has now been laid (or should I say that it will be laid on April 26th). The incompetence that has been our quarterback play over the greater part of two decades can finally be put to rest.

To go along with this great transformation, the Redskins coaching staff has finally seemed to put the remaining pieces of the puzzle together to help propel this team to compete with the elite teams in the NFL, and here is why.

We signed a 6' 220 pound running back in the fourth round of last years draft, who can be a game changer in this league. Roy Helu is that rare blend of size, speed(4.4 40 yard dash),power, hands and blocking ability(he's no Portis, but he showed as a rookie that he's not afraid to stick his head in there). He is a one-cut runner, who has great patience and vision, and is taylor made for a zone running scheme. I expect 1200 plus yards, and 8-10 touchdowns from Helu this season. He gives the Redskins the complete weapon that we have been lacking in the backfield for years.

The wide receiving corp is shaping up to be a strength of this team. The potential(haha, used it again)for greatness is there, and we have added youth as well. At 6' 210 pouns, and just 25 years of age, Pierre Garcon is a duel threat receiver unlike any the Redskins have had in the last 10 years. He has 4.4 speed, can blow by defenders on the go-route, and can also take the short pass to the house with his great run-after-catch ability. Garcon has improved in each of his first four season in the league, posting career highs in 2011 with 70 receptions, 947 yards and six touchdowns, all while playing on one of the NFL's worst teams. Expect him to grow with, and help aid in the maturation of our young signal caller.

The rest of our recieving corp has taken on a new image, and should be poised to challenge the previous status quo. Newcomer Josh Morgan may be the most underrated free agent signing of the offseason. He brings good size(6' 1" 215lbs), and great speed to the Redskins. At just 26 years old, his best days are clearly ahead of him. He should be able to challenge defenses vertically, and open up an offensive passing attack that was lacking the big play last season. Finally, we all saw a glimpse of what last years third round pick Leonard Hankerson could do when he finally saw action in a game. He had his way with the Dolphins secondary on route to an eight catch, 108 yard performance. Injury took away the rest of his rookie season, but there is much hope for the future in this 6' 2", 210 pound reciever with 4.4 speed.

At the tight end position, the Redskins bring back Fred Davis via the franchise tag. Davis comes with some baggage, but is not without talent. He was suspended for four games last season for a violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy, and another offense could result in a years suspension. The Redskins felt confident enough though to place the franchise tag on Davis, thus keeping him in Burgundy and Gold for at least one more season. He brings athleticism to the tight end position. Davis is too fast for a linebacker, but too big for a defensive back to cover. He can be used in a felx option, or as a tradition in-line player. Either way, he is a mismatch for defenses. Feel free to name me a tight end who we can say the same about.

Let's take a gander back to a few years ago, when the Redskins had Jason Campbell, Clinton Portis, Devin Thomas, Santana Moss and Chris Cooley seeing the majority of the offensive reps. Now compare this to the potential(haha, there it is again), of RG3, Helu, Garcon, Hankerson, Morgan and Davis. Let's just say this group isn't your father's Redskins!

The Redskins offense has the potential(haha)to become dynamic. At the very least it will be watchable again. Wr should no longer have to suffer with a quarterback who can't throw a ball over 50 yards, and a running back who falls down without being touched. Think how nice it would be to see one of our receivers take a 10 yard slant to the house, or for us to actually throw a red zone fade to a receiver over 6' tall! Remember how painful it was trying to watch Rex Grossman attempt to avoid pressure last season? I'm sure you all remember the Dallas game, where he broke the pocket, and looked like he was running in quick sand, before finally being stripped from behind by a 300 pound linemen............well, don't expect to see anymore of that. We should now have a quarterback who is one of the fastest players in the entire league!

When I was a young kid growing up, I wanted a minibike. All I had was a bicycle. My friends had minibikes, and I would sit and watch with envy. I couldn't keep up with them. When my dad finally broke down and bough me a minibike, it was like I was re-born. I could now run with the big boys. This is what it is finally going to feel like for Redskins fans. For years, we only had a bicycle, while the majority of the league had a minibike. Now, we are sitting in the seat of a brand new Ninja 650. So watch out fans, the new-age of Redskins football is almost upon you, and your going to be very surprised by the outcome. This is not your father's Redskins anymore.