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Hogs Haven Mock 4.0: DC Legends

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So there isn't much mystery in the Redskins draft intentions any more. Because of this we have decided to mix it up a little with April's Mock Draft. So Kevin, Ken, Phil, Steve, myself, and Ronnie (until he had a baby) decided to have a draft with DC Sports Legends. Here is how it went down:

1st Round

1. Ken- John Riggins, Redskins: The Diesel scored the game-breaking touchdown on 4th-and-1 in the Super Bowl. He’s not just many people’s favorite Redskin of all-time, he’s one of the most beloved sports figures in the nation’s capital of all-time.

2. Kevin- Darrell Green, Redskins

3. Steve- Walter Johnson, Senators: The Washington Senators (aka Twins) at that time were a complete joke (they were later as well), but with Johnson they managed some years of respectability, including winning their only World Series in 1924. It was a different era of pitching back then, but Johnson was arguably the best in the game. His strike out record lasted for 55 years after he retired.

4. Phil- Sammy Baugh, Redskins: Drafted to the Redskins in 1937, he won two World Championships in DC in ‘37 and ‘42. Sammy was a charter member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and still holds several Redskins franchise records including career touchdown passes (187) and highest single season QB rating (109.7). In 1943, Sammy led the NFL in passing, punting and defensive interceptions.

5. Ronnie- Art Monk, Redskins: Art was instrumental in ALL three of the Redskins Superbowls. Selected first overall in 1980, he immediately had an impact, setting the rookie record for receptions at 58. His accomplishments go on and on, including three pro-bowl selections, two first team All-Pro selections, two first team All-NFC selections, and of course, his three fat Superbowl Rings.

6. Parks- Wes Unseld, Bullets: Wes Unseld is by far the best players in Bullets/Wizards' history. He was the NBA's Rookie of the Year, 5-time All-Star, Finals MVP, NBA MVP, and a Hall of Famer

2nd Round

1. Ken- Earl Monroe, Bullets: Though he played for the Bullets’ franchise prior to its move from Baltimore to Landover, The Pearl’s jersey hangs from the rafters at the Verizon Center. Also nicknamed “Jesus” and “Thomas Edison” (because he invented so many moves), Monroe is a Hall of Famer and one of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players.

2. Kevin- Charley Taylor, Redskins

3. Steve- Charles Mann, Redskins: Still a number of great choices on the board, but I think Charles Mann is grossly underrated as a Redskin. He was a 4 time pro-bowler, but gets my pick over some other great Skins due to his longevity during our dynasty run. Russ Grimm was more dominant early in his career, but injuries sapped him from being a more significant part of the last two SB runs. While Dexter Manley was part of the Skins first SB win, he was gone by the last one, and he wasn't nearly the run defender that Mann was. While Mann was a great pass rusher his run defense was key to the Skins success during that time.

4. Phil- Chris Hanburger, Redskins: Drafted in the 18th round of the 1965 draft, “The Hang-Man” played 14 years in the NFL, all with the Redskins, appearing in nine Pro Bowls (still the most by a Redskins player), had six All-Pro selections and eight All-Conference first-team honors. Hanburger finished his career with 19 interceptions, returning two for touchdowns and recovered 17 fumbles and returned 3 of those for touchdowns.

5. Ronnie- Elvin Hayes, Bullets

6. Parks- Frank Howard, Senators: Howard is the best hitter in DC history. He played for the Senators from 1965 to 1971 when the team moved to Texas. Howard hit 44 home runs twice in one season to lead the league and hit 48 in another. He finished his Senators/Rangers career hitting .277 with 246 home runs and over 700 RBI.

Round 3

1. Ken- Jaime Moreno, United

2. Kevin- Harman Killebrew, Senators

3. Steve- Peter Bondra, Capitals

4. Phil- Patrick Ewing, Georgetown

5. Parks- Alexander Ovechkin, Capitals

Round 4

1. Ken- Len Bias, Maryland

2. Kevin- Scott Stevens, Capitals

3. Steve- Joe Jacoby, Redskins

4. Phil- Bobby Mitchell, Redskins

5. Parks- Sugar Ray Leonard

Round 5

1. Ken- Sean Taylor, Redskins

2. Kevin- Russ Grimm, Redskins

3. Steve- Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals

4. Phil- Sonny Jurgensen, Redskins

5. Parks- Dominique Dawes

Round 6

1. Ken- Gary Clark, Redskins

2. Kevin- Mike Gartner, Capitals

3. Steve- Ken Houston, Redskins

4. Phil- Monte Coleman, Redskins

5. Parks- Rod Langway, Capitals

Round 7

1. Ken- Clinton Portis, Redskins

2. Kevin- Dave Butz, Redskins

3. Steve- Ken Harvey, Redskins

4. Phil- Cliff Battles, Redskins

5. Parks- Phil Chenier, Bullets