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Redskins 2012 Strength of Schedule

When's the schedule coming out!?!
When's the schedule coming out!?!

Update: The NFL Schedule will be released tomorrow on NFL Network at 7 PM EST.

We know who the Redskins opponents are, we just don't know when they will be playing them. The Redskins will, of course, play their normal NFC East slate but will also match-up with the AFC North and NFC South this year, along with the Rams and Vikings once again. The thirteen opponents the Skins will play in 2012 combined for a record of 125-131 last year, which puts the Redskins as having the ninth easiest strength of schedule in the league.

Where the Redskins may differ from other teams with "easy paths" though is that they have seven match-ups with quality opponents or teams that won nine or more games last year.

The Patriots currently have the league's easiest schedule (116-140), while their Super Bowl opponent the Giants have the hardest (140-116). The Cowboys (129-127) are tied with the Seahawks and Saints for the eleventh ranked schedule in the league and will also face off against seven quality opponents. The Eagles round out the NFC East with the league's seventh hardest schedule (132-124).