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Video: Maybe the Wizards Should Recruit London Fletcher

It's been awhile since we've seen good basketball in D.C., so why don't we watch some grainy video of London Fletcher ballin for his St. Joseph's High School team (where he won two state championships). Not surprisingly, a lot of Fletcher's clips are dishing out assists and sweet alley oops. Some of these highlights are straight street ball, and Fletch had a killer cross-over move that makes him look like Iverson's pudgy twin at times. Welcome back 59. (Thanks to @s1oop for the video). Seriously, though...I don't want to relive that Kentucky vs Wizards debate, but this championship team would probably beat the Wiz in at least one quarter of play.

In an interview last year, Sporting News pulled some questions from Hogs Haven, including Parks' question about comparing playing point guard to that of being a middle linebacker. Fletch had an insightful reply:

FLETCHER: There's great similarities in being a point guard in basketball and a middle linebacker in football. Being a point guard for all those years has helped me from a leadership standpoint because I'm responsible for calling the plays, getting everybody lined up and making decisions. You have to make them in a short period of time, between the time you get the defensive signal and relaying it to your teammates and getting everybody lined up. Playing basketball all those years was no different. You have to organize the offense, call the plays, orchestrate the offense, get everybody in the right place. Those have great similarities.