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Hogs Haven Podcast: Mommy, Where Does Sausage Come From?

Apologies for the delay on the podcast today. Usually I edited it and then send it over to Ronnie to upload. But apparently he's too busy taking care of his new-born daughter to reply to us... what a jerk! (Just kidding Ronnie, congratulations again buddy).

This week's show featured our first special guest in's Dan Ciarrochi (who you can follow on twitter @PFF_Dan, which we all strongly recommend you do). Make sure to listen right through to the end for a fantastic outtake during the recording of Dan's segment. Dan, on Kevin's behalf, I apologize again for him. Thanks for not just ditching us at that point.

Anyway, enjoy the show and be sure to leave us some questions to answer on next week's show.

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Here's the link for the mp3 download: