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Hide your account, hide your password! Cause they hacking everybody out here!

You may have read--or read about-- Jabar Gaffney's twitter meltdown about his wife earlier today. But no worries guyssss, nothin’ to see here! Gaffney has deleted the errant tweets and claimed his account was hacked. So it’s n.b.d. Seriously, you can forget it even happened.

Phew! What a relief, because for a minute there, I believed he actually said these things:

"4-12 is my anniversary woke up and couldn’t find my soon 2 be ex wife anywhere. F*** dat b***** I can’t wait till its final in a few weeks"

"Feelings are for suckas Neva Eva again. Black heart dead soul!!! Get it how u live & I’m outta here"

"My beef wit Lito don’t got nothing to do bout a girl he just a person I don’t f*** wit he lame to me so don’t hit me up wit that. #Realtalk"

"Ain’t nobody f***** my wife but for anybody saying any slick shit better watch ur girl and not let me get hold to her"

"Last tweet: b******* ain’t grateful no matter what u do for em. Homeboys will change on u. I keeps it 100 don’t read into that’s all it is."

"I’m done tweetin all u smart asses i be in da 904, 407 & 703 tell me what u think if and when u c me"

Consider this a Hogs Haven PSA: Internet security is no joke. Superstar athletes are prime targets for hackers, so look out LeBron James and Aaron Rodgers. If virtual vandals broke into THE Jabar Gaffney’s twitter account on his wedding anniversary, you’re probably next.