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Who Will Rule the Town?


The "Most Powerful City in the World" has been blessed with a lot of high profile draft picks in recent years. Every, single one of them have come with tremendous praise on their way into the district and all have become instant icons in the DMV area. Sadly none of these picks have resulted in post season success for any of the squads in our nation's capital.

Alex Ovechkin has likely been the most successful high profile pick in DC on an individual and team level. The Capitals are entering their fifth straight playoff run and Ovie has been the NHL's Rookie of the Year, MVP, and has appeared in six all-star games. Ovie is the king of the DC sports scene despite playing in a football town. But it's going to be near impossible for him to guard the throne.

The Nationals are certainly on a promising course and have an influx of prodigy material in Stephen Strasburg and soon-to-be call-up Bryce Harper. Washington can certainly be a strong baseball town, but Strasburg is a low key guy and Bryce Harper is a 19 year old prick; and honestly who wouldn't be with that much talent and money as a teenager? The Nationals and their "stars", including Ryan Zimmerman, have the ability to divert or attention during a couple of months during the summer, but can they really rule the DC sports scene?

I love John Wall and couldn't have been more excited when the ping pong balls fell the Bullets Wizards way. Wall has been dropped into a quagmire of malcontents and is trying to find a light at the end of the tunnel. Wall has the ability to take the city by storm and he's a great personality, but he doesn't have the team to do so.

All of this comes back to one Robert Griffin III. Is he already the King of DC? He hasn't even played a game yet but he already seems to not only be the Redskins most popular sports personality but the region's most popular sports personality. There is no denying that Ovie might have to move over by the end of the month (unless the Caps get on a playoff run #FingersCrossed), but will RG3 be successful in his infant years as a DC sports celebrity where these other high profile athletes have yet to be?