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Sixpack: Robert Griffin III Potentially On His Way To D.C.

1. Guess who's going to be playing on Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football and Thursday Night Football in 2012? Get your nighttime tailgating gear ready to go, because we're going to be playing under the lights.

2. It makes me absolutely sick to my stomach to see those draft picks leave our stable. The news of the trade physically affected me.

3. The only thing keeping me from losing it is the memory from the night I ran into Mike Holmgren in Phoenix last month. He didn't hesitate for even a second when it came to recommending the Redskins trade up to get either Griffin or Luck. He seemed genuinely sincere when he told me that the Browns were going to beat the Redskins to the #2 pick.

4. It has KILLED me to go against my own personal Holmgren Rule all offseason. If Holmgren says it--especially about a quarterback--you can believe in it. I wanted to trade down--or at the very least not trade up. That's what you get for going against the Holmgren Rule.

5. We're going to be talking about this trade for the next fifty years. Pace yourselves.

6. We have to sign a speedster wideout ASAP. The way RG3 can get out of the pocket and launch the rock, deep plays will be available often. It would have been nice to make a run at Mike Wallace. It is possible the Steelers would have considered taking our second round pick in exchange for the right to sign Wallace. (Watch the Rams do it instead of us.)