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Hopes of LaRon Landry Returning are Fading Fast

Here are the last two tweets (re-tweets) of LaRon Landry. An Eagles and Cowgirls fan are begging him to come to their teams and he retweets them. If my agent was close in negotiations for my team, I certainly wouldn't be pumping up our biggest rivals on Twitter. Granted, some will say this likely means nothing. It's F'n twitter. He's just trying to rile up his name, which riles interest, and can drive up the price. Somehow, that's not what my gut says at all.

Landry choose a different path for rehab from the team recommendations and has battled two years of chronic injuries. For the second year in a row, a first round Redskins draft pick is out the door. Best of luck, LaRon. Man, I wish this worked out and somehow still does.