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Ten Yard Fight Mailbag: Does Redskins Fanbase Have Any More Patience?

Thanks to everyone for the questions and kind words. If you have a question or comment you want included in next week's Ten Yard Fight Mailbag, or a topic that you feel requires the Ten Yard Fight treatment, please email them all to me at

Will new quarterback be given time by fanbase? "I'm afraid the fanbase may turn on RG3 quicker than they should; look at Manning (either one), Brady, Rodgers--current quarterbacks and a multitude of past solid quarterbacks. No one came in to an organization and started winning right took time. Whomever is quarterback next year...will the fans give them time?" ---------David (dr wnc)

Doc, I suppose one could point to the systematic conditioning we were subjected to for the better part of the last decade that caused us to always think we were one or two players away from being a contender as a leading cause of our impatience. I feel like the Redskins organization has moved away from such foolish beliefs, and through their actions in recent years have begun to lead the fanbase away from its own foolish way of thinking. I think that because it has been so long since we have seen a legitimate "franchise quarterback" come through DC, confusion and disbelief may be misinterpreted as impatience if and when a guy comes in and begins to assume the role of "savior." While it is true that any team can morph into a contender inside of any given year rather quickly, it takes time to establish a team that is "built to last." If the Redskins invest wisely in the quarterback position, I think this fanbase will recognize the long-term value in such an investment and will hunker down for the ride ahead. That said, as long as teams like Denver turn themselves around overnight, there will always be fans who will scream, "Why can't that be us?"

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Will Peyton hold a grudge?"Tony Dungy suggested that the [Redskins] 'bounty' hit on Manning was the start of his neck issues. Now the guy who hit him in in Player Development (Phillip Daniels). Could Peyton hold a grudge against Washington?" ---------Mike

Mike, in a word: yes. He could. I don't think he would or will, and I think there are probably at least a handful of other reasons he would not come to Washington before this ever came into play. If the hit in question really was the beginning of this neck issue, it could absolutely be a thorn in the side of any chance we have to land him. This organization is a lot different than the one that led the Redskins into Indy that day though, and Mike Shanahan's presence in D.C. would go a long way towards alleviating any ill will on Peyton's side. Holding a grudge is a real luxury for a free agent. Most free agents simply can't afford to close any doors or refuse to take certain calls. If there was ever one that could afford this luxury though, it is this particular free agent.

How should we draft if we sign free agent quarterback? "If the Redskins were to sign a free agent quarterback, would it be more prudent to trade down and stockpile linemen or use the pick for a playmaker (wide receiver or cornerback)?" ---------Ryan

If we go the free agent route at quarterback, I am all for upgrading the offensive line. Whether we take a blue-chip tackle at the top of the first round or trade back and get an impact interior offensive lineman, I think we need to invest in our OL. Bringing in a pair of starting offensive linemen in this draft somehow, some way would really help establish an offense built to last. I hate the idea of drafting a wide receiver in the first round and I think our needs on the offensive line trump our needs at cornerback. Finally, even if we sign a veteran quarterback, I believe we have to use at least a third round pick on a quarterback. We have to invest in that position through the draft, regardless of who we sign to come in and be the starter through free agency. Ideally, trading down will net us the pick we need to add a raw signal caller that can be groomed.