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Who Should Be the Backup?

The Redskins don't need a quarterback, they need quarterbacks. As of right now the only quarterbacks under contract for the Skins are John Beck (uggggh) and Johnathan Crompton. No matter who you think should be the starter the Skins also need a capable back up, unless of course you think John Beck is a capable backup, in which case I feel sorry for you. There is always the chance we draft a guy late to be groomed as a backup, but history says otherwise. There is also the chance that Rex Grossman comes back, but you have to think if a "big name" is here then Rex won't want to come back. So in this instance, who do we go after?

Caleb Hanie (26): Long coveted by Steve Shoup, Hanie hits the market for the first time this year. He had a chance to shine with Jay Cutler being out but fell flat on his face.

Shaun Hill (32): The former Terp has been a solid backup for a number of clubs, most recently in Detroit. Could he look to come "home"?

Brady Quinn (27): The former first round pick is up for grabs and still looking at another crack at a starting job since he struck out in Cleveland.

Chad Henne (27): Henne is likely set to follow Tony Sparano to New York in one way or another, but the former Dolphins starter could make a nice backup in DC.

Derek Anderson (29): After losing the starting job in Cleveland, Anderson has been a bit of a nomad with stops in both Carolina and Arizona. He obviously comes with starting experience, not that its a good experience.

Charlie Whitehurst (30): The former incumbent in Seattle didn't perform when called upon, but could his experience in Seattle and San Diego make for a quality backup in DC?

Dennis Dixon (27): If we go with RG3 would Dixon make the most sense? Another athletic quarterback to match the "mold" may not be a bad idea.

Dan Orlovsky (IND)
JP Losman (MIA)
Sage Rosenfels (MIA)
David Carr (NYG)
Mark Brunell (NYJ)
Kevin O'Connell (NYJ)
Kyle Boller (OAK)
Vince Young (PHI)
A.J. Feeley (STL)
Josh Johnson (TB)
Josh McCown (CHI)
Drew Stanton (DET)
David Garrard (FA)