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Daily Slop : London Fletcher Rejects Can’t-Miss Prospect Label; Pros and Cons, Manning vs. RG3

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UPDATE: Redskins discuss moving summer camp to Richmond | WSLS 10
NFL club is also considering other locations in addition to Richmond, mayor's press secretary says.

Pros and cons: Manning vs. RG3 - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
While the Redskins could, in theory, both sign Peyton Manning and pull off a deal to move up and draft Robert Griffin III, the chances of them doing both are slim. The Redskins have to make the classic choice of going with an older, established star or taking a chance on a talented young player who has yet to take an NFL snap.

The Redskins Blog | Fletcher Rejects Can’t-Miss Prospect Label
On last night’s NFL Network episode of Total Access, Redskins linebacker London Fletcher sat in on discussion about the proverbial ‘can’t-miss’ status of certain prospects coming out of the college ranks.

George Starke: Joe Gibbs would hand out 100 dollar bills for hits on QBs - DC Sports Bog - The Washington Post
Former Hog says George Allen once placed a $200 bounty on Roger Staubach.

The Redskins Blog | High School Lichtensteiger ‘A Hidden Gem’
On January 10, 2010, Mike Shanahan was hired to be the new head coach for the Washington Redskins. One of his first official moves was signing several players to future’s contracts, including little known offensive guard Kory Lichtensteiger, a former Shanahan draftee in Denver.

Elfin: Lowly Redskins Would Aim To Win Now With Manning " CBS DC
But from a Washington perspective, today matters because after endless speculation, the lowly Redskins – who could be a leading contender to sign Manning -- and the Hall of Fame lock quarterback will decide in the coming days whether they’re a good fit for each other.

The Redskins Blog | Receivers Headline A Misleading NFL List

Redskins pitch to Peyton Manning likely to include free agent help, organizational stability - The Insider
The team has lots of room under the NFL salary cap and likely will tell the free agent quarterback it will be bringing in impact players.

Peyton Manning: Redskins poised for a hard sell to superstar QB [updated] - The Insider - The Washington Post
Team is comfortable with the risk of signing aging superstar after series of neck injuries, according to those familiar with Washington’s plans.

DALY: Redskins should pass on Manning; make play for RG3 - Washington Times

The competition for Vincent Jackson - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Bill Williamson, who runs the AFC West blog, offers up a Vincent Jackson free agency primer this morning. This matters to us because, here at the NFC East blog, we believe Jackson is and should be the No. 1 free-agent wide receiver target for the Washington Redskins.

NFL Videos: Manning to the Redskins?
Washington Post writer Mike Jones discusses the Redskins interest level in obtaining the 14 year veteran quarterback who is expected to be released Wednesday by the Colts.

Stallworth 'Definitely' Wants to Come Back
It took half a season for wide receiver Donte Stallworth to feel like he established himself in the Redskins' offense. After earning a roster spot in 2011 preseason, Stallworth served as a reserve the first nine weeks of the regular season. One of eight wide receivers on the roster, he posted just five passes for 46 yards in that span.

Tags trim free agent market at safety - Rich Tandler's Real Redskins

If the Redskins are looking for possible replacement for safety LaRon Landry in free agency, the field has shrunk by one. Adam Schefter is reporting that the Titans plan on putting the franchise tag on safety Michael Griffin. If that happens he will become the third safety to be tagged after Tyvon Branch of the Raiders and Dashon Goldson of the 49ers.

Bargain bin free-agent options
Much of the time spent on potential free agents the Redskins and other teams might target focuses on the top-shelf options. Of course, winning teams are not built on high-priced talent alone. With that in mind, Evan Silva at took the time to offer his list of top 10 players who could offer significant bang for the buck.

Robert Griffin III and Peyton Manning Killed Packers' Chances at Trading Matt Flynn | AllGreenBayPackers.Com
Commentary, Opinions, History & Analysis of the Green Bay Packers

Take your pick: Matt Flynn or Robert Griffin III? | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Read 'Take your pick: Matt Flynn or Robert Griffin III?' from our blog Shutdown Corner on Yahoo! Sports. The franchise tag deadline came and went with Matt Flynn, the Packers' backup quarterback, as expected, not being tagged.

Gregg Williams’s bounty system flourished in warped NFL culture - The Washington Post
NFL can punish Gregg Williams, but can it change players’ mind-sets?

One missed call in Saints-Vikings game could have shaped Super Bowl XLIV - Peter King -
When Vikings coach Brad Childress returned to Minneapolis after the NFC Championship loss two-plus years ago, he got a tape together of eight hits on quarterback Brett Favre that were not flagged for penalties in the game. He was, I am told, very upset about what he saw as the excessive brutality in the game that left Favre bruised and hobbled afterward, and he wanted the league to look into the hits.

Team Needs and Top Free Agents |
PFF's 2012 free agency run down.

2011 Run Stop Percentage: Interior Defensive Linemen |
Khaled Elsayed looks at 2011's best and worst interior defensive linemen using PFF's Signature Stat: Run Stop Percentage. Blogs " Blog Archive Gray impresses at Texas A&M’s pro day; Tannehill sits "
NFL Blogs on is the only official NFL blog destination for the latest NFL news, NFL fantasy football news, NFL player news, NFL team news, and NFL breaking news. Blogs " Blog Archive Kirkpatrick wows during Alabama’s pro day "
NFL Blogs on is the only official NFL blog destination for the latest NFL news, NFL fantasy football news, NFL player news, NFL team news, and NFL breaking news.

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