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Richmond, VA the New Redskins Training Camp Spot?

City Stadium in Richmond, VA.
City Stadium in Richmond, VA.

How about we divert our attention away from BountyGate and Peyton Manning for 11 minutes or so? Eddy Henley, a Redskins fan living in Richmond, tweeted this morning that local Richmond radio was reporting Dan Snyder was in town looking to purchase the old, City Stadium (pictured right).

City Stadium was the home of the University of Richmond's Spiders football team from 1929-2009 before they built their own, new facility, Robins Stadium. City Stadium is currently owned by the city and holds approximately 20,000 fans. The Richmond Kickers play there now, who are a soccer team in the pro league "United Soccer Leagues." Yea, that's the first I've heard of USL, too.

So, Richmond does make a lot of sense:

  • It's far enough away from D.C. for the players and coaches to have a true, distraction-free training camp.
  • Skins would own their stadium, so it's easy modifications in regards to meeting rooms, lockers, etc.
  • It's close enough for fans to commute to/from the DMV for training camp (less than 2 hour drive)
  • It places the Redskins back down South where the Redskins fan base is strong (Carolina Panthers area)
  • Hotels aren't too prominent in Richmond, but there is a Westin (insert Holiday Inn Express buffet joke here). There is a Red Roof Inn close by. Those still exist?
  • University of Richmond is less than 3 miles away if they need to use those facilities.
  • If the Silverdome was purchased for only $550,000, Dan Snyder probably only has to give the Mayor of Richmond 20 club-level tickets and a free picture shoot with the Redskinettes.

If this deal does go through, it makes perfect sense. Any guess on what the stadium would be renamed too? Snyder Stadium? It's safe to say it'd probably get sold to the highest advertiser. United Parcel Service Field would be fun.