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Could Manning and Shanahan Get Along?

"Got Peyton"? I hope not...
"Got Peyton"? I hope not...

You knew there had to be an obligatory Peyton Manning post right? Take a deep breath, get it all out, and let your feeling be known. In a matter of hours Peyton Manning will officially be on the open market, and guess what? The Redskins need one of those quarterback guys (I know we use that word loosely in DC). Of course the Skins have been linked to Manning, why wouldn't they be? Manning is pretty much the anti-Redskin and everything we've been searching for since as far back as I can remember.

Its going to be surreal to see Manning in another uniform and watching the coverage and montages last night of Manning's Colts career made you still want the guy. Especially the "Mic'd Up" segment of him handling his teammates and coaches. But could Manning work out in DC? I don't think so. Its such a Redskins move, it would be completely typical and you know it wouldn't work. Another guy that doesn't think it would work is Brian Billick:

As for the Redskins, I find it very hard to imagine Mike Shanahan and Peyton Manning coexisting. Shanahan runs a very scripted offense that is carefully pieced together throughout the course of the preparation week. Manning’s offense is very much fluid in the fact he calls plays in real time based on the look the defense is giving. These are two very different approaches, and because of that, I think the Redskins are better off trading up for Robert Griffin III, no matter the cost. Additionally, Manning knows his years are limited, and he wants to get back to the Super Bowl Playing in the highly competitive NFC East might not be the best path to get there.