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Playing Offseason Defense

We always seem to key-in on ourselves during the offseason by discussing who we need and how they would fit for the Redskins, but just because we like a free agent prospect doesn't necessarily mean he's guaranteed to come to DC or be offered a contract at all. One aspect of the offseason that we really haven't discussed is playing front office "defense".

Despite some lackluster records this year we're in a division with some of the best teams in the NFL. Both the Cowboys and Eagles are a couple of pieces away from becoming a legitimate Super Bowl contender, in my opinion. While the Giants, on the other hand, are pretty much set and can continue to contend on a high level without a dramatic "facelift". With that in mind what kind of "defensive" moves should the Redskins be making when Free Agency opens up?

Philadelphia Eagles

To me, the Eagles are a middle linebacker away from becoming a really good defense. Offensively, this team is pretty much set, but if they can add a couple pieces on defense then they could really become a contender. Obviously a Super Bowl run is in "sprint" mode rather than "marathon" in Philly, so just think how a guy like London Fletcher could contribute to a one or two year run in Philly. Therefore the Redskins number one "defensive" move needs to be retaining London Fletcher.

But beyond Fletcher, there are some great free agents in terms of middle linebackers. I really think Stephen Tulloch could be the guy for the Eagles, but in that regards the Redskins should still be active in running up the price on the Iggles. In this case you either end up with a dynamite ILB tandem, with Perry Riley (AKA Riley Perry to our radio listeners) back in a "waiting"/rotational roles OR you have dramatically ran up the price on a salary cap weary team. The same strategy should follow suit if the Eagles are active in the safety market, it is certainly a need we share and another opportunity to screw Philly.

Dallas Cowboys

Almost every need the Cowboys have the Redskins share, but the main difference is the Skins have a way better financial situation. The 'Boys have already been linked to Carl Nicks, Brandon Carr, and many other free agents that have been openly discussed here at Hogs Haven. We have the ability to drive the price up on ole' Jurrah big time this offseason and we should look to do so at nearly every opportunity.

New York Giants

Obviously the Giants will just look to tinker with minor holes or upgrades, but I wouldn't mind stealing Mario Manningham and Terrell Thomas from the G-Men.