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Does a decision need to be made now?

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Free agency is almost upon us and there is no clear path present to who our quarterback may be in 2012. But do we need to make that path clear by this time next week? As Dan Graziano points out, free agents (especially offensive ones) have no incentive to sign in DC other than money at this point:

The issue the Redskins will have is convincing these guys Washington is a place worth playing. Money is one thing -- and don't kid yourself into thinking it's not the first, second and third most important thing to free agents -- but there will be other teams bidding big on these guys, and it would help the Redskins' case if they could tell these free-agent wideouts the name of the quarterback who will be throwing them the ball in 2012, or what they plan to do to upgrade the offensive line and improve their chances of contending for the playoffs in the short term.

Personally, I'm tired of overpaying for free agents due to our poor play. So I ask should we bring in or make our quarterback intentions clear by this time next week to help reap the benefits of a possible "cheaper" free agency?

Graziano also made it clear that Shanahan recognizes the need for a top caliber wide receiver:

When I spoke with Shanahan in December and asked him about offseason priorities, he specifically mentioned wide receiver and said, "We need a No. 1."