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Is Ryan Tannehill a Valid Option for the Redskins?

Much has been written about how good Robert Griffin III would fit and look in a Burgundy and Gold uniform (I myself am in love with the thought), what many are failing to realize is that Ryan Tannehill could very well be a better fit at the quarterback position for the Redskins given the intangibles. As this video that I just ran across today illustrates, Tannehill is pretty mobile himself and clearly has a skill set that should be viewed as one of a future quarterback prospect in the NFL.

One thing that drafting Tannehill could also represent is the option to move back in the draft and still get a young quarterback to bring along while also addressing other needs the franchise has without trading the house to obtain RGIII (right now I'm about 75% sold on RGIII...with 25% being unsold on the thought of giving up so much to get him, just to set the record straight). At any rate, check out the video, pretty impressive stuff.

Ultimate Ryan Tannehill Highlights (via TheVikingsworld2011)