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Does This Video Of Peyton Manning Throwing Change Your Opinion Of Him Signing With The Redskins?

Early this morning, Chris Mortensen tweeted out a video supposedly of Peyton Manning throwing the ball at Duke yesterday.

Peyton Manning throwing at Duke Friday March 2, 2012 (via DukeNC2012)

Now from the looks of that video, Manning's arm looks pretty good considering the situation. He doesn't appear to have any troubles getting velocity on the deep ball or throwing across his body to his left. So if he is healthy with his arm strength back (or at least on the way back) and willing to take an incentive laden contract that only makes him money if he stays healthy and performs well, would that change your opinion of signing him?

Also, you can't help but think that it was Dan Snyder taking the video. I just picture him out on a secret mission without the knowledge of Mike Shanahan or Bruce Allen, hiding in the bushes or behind a goalpost with his camera phone out to get some evidence that Manning healthy. I can imagine him now flying back to Redskins park thinking he's seen enough of Manning to go out and give him a big contract. Then when he gets back, Bruce approaches him

Allen: "Dan, where have you been? We wanted to let you know our free agency plans"

Snyder: "Oh, I was just out testing the new private jet, Redskins 18"

Allen: "What? You have 18 private jets now?"

Snyder: "Uh, no. I just like the number 18.... that's all...."

(Apologies, I may have gotten carried away with that a bit there. But does this video help change your opinion on Manning at all?)